Fractal Seraphim

Many years ago, I dreamed of flying colorful angels. Over the years, working with talented artists, we manage to realize this vision. The project is shown at various events and continues to evolve. We officially presented at Light Move Festival, Las Festival, Egodrop Festival. The time will come when you will feel the wind from her wings from above! The performance can be staged during the day as a dance show. Ultimately, at night, the wings are covered with fractals – visualizations that I design and display on a projector that does not need electricity.

All performance videos here: | We invite you to book a show!

The beginnings of the performance date back to 2019. Then I sewed 2 prototypes of the wings myself. I didn’t have a projector yet and the visualizations were downloaded from the Internet. Over time, I bought my first projector and started learning how to create vector visualizations in Resolume Arena. We used the wings bought online, but finally I ordered the sewing of huge wings and a dress. For the flexibility of the show, I bought another battery powered portable projector. Now we can put it anywhere we want. The year ’22 will bring the third version of the wings.
Here you can see our most extensive show for Light Move Festival ’20 with 2 projectors and smoke 🙂